For some years now, Team Grumpy has used the early season 2-up '25' event organised by Port Talbot Wheelers to gauge our form coming out of the off-season. For family reasons, Robert was unable to ride the '25', but the same club was organising a 13 mile event later in March, with a 2-up section. So we decided to enter that event instead.


Team Grumpy's races in Wales follow a stereotyped pattern: On Friday evening we eat curry (this time we visited a local restaurant rather than a takeaway), on Saturday we eat hi-carb dinner, we race on Sunday morning, then have a really good lunch after that. 


This event was held on the R13/S course, which is effectively a nice sporting course comprising the second half of the course usually used for the '25'.


As a 2-up team, we rode pretty well, with neat changeovers. Our speed was probably compromised by this being an early season event.

In the end we posted the fastest 2-up time, though it has to be noted that there were only four teams that started (I believe one rider in the fifth was ill and unable to ride).

2023 PTW13 01

 2023 PTW13 02

Still, a good start to the season. On the downside, I had a recurrence of the blipbox problem where one of the ports stopped working. I eventually had this repaired by the Turbo Trainer Doctor in Aylesbury.



PositionMachineImgFirst NameLast NameGenderCategoryClubTimeAvg. Speed 
1 TT Bike Gerard Oram Male Vet Bynea Cycling Club 00:33:58 22.964 Mph  
1 TT Bike Robert Saunders Male Vet North Bucks RC 00:33:58 22.964 Mph  
2 TT Bike Martin Edwards Male Vet Port Talbot Whs CC 00:35:12 22.159 Mph  
2 TT Bike Stephanie Waring Female Vet Tenby Aces CC 00:35:12 22.159 Mph  
3 TT Bike David Poole Male Vet Tenby Aces CC 00:40:12 19.403 Mph  
3 TT Bike Claire Thomas Female Vet Tenby Aces CC 00:40:12 19.403 Mph  
4 TT Bike Jonathan Williams Male Vet Towy Riders Cycle Club 00:41:13 18.924 Mph  
4 TT Bike William Butler-Jenkins Male Vet Towy Riders Cycle Club 00:41:13 18.924 Mph  
DNS(A) TT Bike Michael Portlock Male Vet Merthyr CC      
DNS(A) TT Bike Gareth Jehu Male Vet Merthyr CC