Planet X Chrono carbon fibre frameset

A few years ago, I decided to replace my trusty steel Cougar time trial frame with a more up to date carbon fibre effort.  The frame was cheap, light, and looked pretty aero.  It's actually sourced from a generic Taiwanese frame factory, and you can see (or at least could see) very similar frames from other distributors, many of whom were a bit closer about the frame's origins than Planet X were! I kitted the bike out with the following:

Tubulars versus Clinchers

One of the enduring myths of cycle racing concerns the relative merits of tubular tyres relative to clinchers. Convention has it that nothing can compare to the performance of a quality tubular. However, lot of anecdotal evidence is bandied around supporting high quality clinchers as superior to tubulars. I was recently sent a link to test data regarding the characteristics of tyres versus tubulars - this gives clear data to support this contention.