Assessing Rider Position with Hover X1

I've posted a few times over at Flies and Bikes on my modifications to my set up of the Cervelo P3 (most recently on my home brew eTap wiring). The recent mods over the last few months include:

  • Fitting a secondhand pair of Aduro tri-bars with the high arm pad extensions
  • A complex rewiring of the 11-speed (i.e. non-AXS) SRAM Red eTap gearing
  • Replacing the inner tubes with Tubolito PFU tubes
  • Sorting out the computer mount to accept a front light
  • Replaced the ageing big chainring.

I've been meaning to take the P3 out for a test ride to make sure all is in order, and with my first event of the 2024 season fast approaching (the Port Talbot Wheelers 2-up 25) I decided to do so this morning.

In regard to the new chainring, and in keeping with my mix and match approach to bike transmission, I've been using a 57 tooth TA chainring on an old carbon Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque chainset (the older version with 5 bolt chainrings). Before Christmas I went onto the Specialites TA website as I've done on several prior occasions, and placed an order for two new chainrings. Unfortunately, when I reached the checkout stage I discovered that they no longer post items to the UK (presumably another consequence of Brexit). Undaunted, I had them sent to my brother who lives in Brussels, and he brought them to the UK on a visit in February. These chainrings are 9-10 speed, and I'm using 11 speed gears, so it is quite pressing that I check that out!

Anyway, I set out on a brief ride in the neighbourhood - and I took along a Hover X1 selfie drone to see if I could get a handle on what my position looks like. In practice, it's quite difficult to find a section of road quiet enough - after all one wouldn't want to have the Hover X1 run over by a motor vehicle!

This was quite a brief ride, but I determined that:

  • The bar position seemed comfortable enough
  • The eTap re-wiring seemed to work, though one of my replacement base bar mounted switches seems excessively sensitive
  • The inner tubes lasted 16km!
  • The computer mount was fine
  • Most importantly the new 57 tooth chainring worked fine, and the shifts between 57 and 46 tooth chainrings worked smoothly.

If in further testing the excessive sensitivity of the downshifter switch is problematic, I can disconnect it from the blip box. I have the blip box mounted at the end of the aero extensions instead of bar end switches.

As noted above, I used the Hover X1 to take a few brief videos. This wasn't too easy - the device tries to track the operator, and it seemed as though setting it into flight and then adopting the riding position confused it somewhat! Also the section of road I was using was quite short. Anyway, here are three clips.

In a couple of the clips I think my aero position looks reasonably OK.